Programming and Music - Two Sides to the Same Coin

You may have heard it said that Math and Music are very similar - supposedly, the mathematical proportions of frequency that make up melodic intervals and the ability to subdivide a measure into equal portions for the sake of calculating rhythms mean that someone who is good at one of those subjects should be good at the other. Personally, I never really bought into that (even though I do LOVE math!).

I will contend, however, that the skills for Music Composition and for Programming/Scripting Languages are very similar. They both require the application of both the right side of the brain for creating new material (new melodies and harmonies, new solutions for accomplishing the task a client requests) and the left side of the brain for logical application of pre-existing knowledge (chords, voice-leading, orchestration, compositional techniques; proper syntax for different programming languages, techniques for solving common problems). They both create new things that MOVE and DO THINGS, which is very invigorating.

And I can't make up my mind which one I enjoy more - the one I have a degree in, or the one I taught myself.