Film Composer by formal training; Web Developer and Excel Guru by experience

In 2004, Erin scored a film produced by her father which earned a Bronze level Telly Award for "Film - Use of Music" in 2005. In 2006, she graduated from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR, with a B.A. Music, emphasis Voice. From there, she went to Illinois to attend Columbia College Chicago, where she earned her MFA Music Composition for the Screen.

Since 2009, she has been modifying and creating complex spreadsheets. She started learning VBA in 2013 to assist with some functionality she was trying to add to a spreadsheet-database her employer was using. From there, she moved on to importing data from files exported from the software system, sifting the data and crunching numbers to provide results, as well as converting information from "reports" into fixed-length files to be imported into the software system. She also enjoys working with pivot tables and utilizes them heavily in her own somewhat-involved budget spreadsheet.

At the end of 2011, her family's business hired a local web development company to create a website. The design was uninteresting and the contact form lacked many of the features the business required. Two months later, the company had still not fixed the form on the basis of it needing to be "hand-coded", so Erin decided to find out how difficult hand-coding a contact form really was - even when starting out with no coding knowledge. Within a week, she had created a new layout with her verbiage in addition to the working contact form and a FAQ page with anchor links to the answers below (as opposed to simply scrolling through the original site's long list of questions and answers). At that point, she fired the other company and began delving into CSS, HTML, Javascript, and PHP just for the pure fun of it. Since then, she has been doing freelance work including Wordpress themes and modifications to an ecommerce site.

When not programming or composing, Erin spends her time cooking scrumptious food, puttering about outside, taking care of her sweet little one and her husband, and reading good books.