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Renegade Computers

Bringing you the best in our field at competitive prices.

Computer TowerBuilding or repairing computers. Learning DIY computer maintenance. Designing and maintaining websites. If you are searching for any of these services, you have found your destination!

Custom builds

When we say, "custom-built computer," we don't mean "predesigned computer with a few options". We mean "computer whose specs match what you need." Choose a template starting point and change components to your heart's content! As an added plus, we offer paint options for your tower.

Computer repair and DIY Maintenance

From time to time, computers stop working like they should. We can help with that! But instead of fixing the same problem over and over again, it's our goal to teach you about your computer so that next time, you might be able to fix it yourself, instead of having to shell out cash for a repairman.

Web Design

Our view of webdesign is to work from the beginning to produce a design that matches your expectations and meets your needs. Website Example Your website is an extension of you, your business, your group, etc. If it doesn't accurately portray the purpose and personality of your business, what's the point?

Here at Renegade Computers, we create whatever you want. Take a look around and see why Renegade Computers should be your choice.

Your needs. Your wants. Your digital world, your way.