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Your Computer, Your Way

Computer TowerWhen you decide the time has come to replace your mechanical best friend (or give it a co-worker), you want to find something that fits your needs. Oh, sure, you could probably buy one off the shelf that meets your minimum requirements. But what if you could have the PERFECT computer for YOU?

Here at Renegade Computers, you can create whatever you want. As long as the parts are compatible, we'll build it!

Whether you need a system that will handle a particular high-end program or two (or ten), want the best gaming rig possible with today's top components, or would like to find Computer Towera balance between performance and cost, the best way to make sure you get the computer you want is to choose the parts yourself. Why settle for the limits the stock computers place on you?

Want that higher-end Intel processor but don't need the top-of-the-line sound card the computer comes with? No problem! Hoping to save a little on the processor but looking for superior graphics cards and a Blu-ray drive instead of DVD-only? Done!

We are committed to building you the computer you want. If you already know what you want, you can choose a starting point close to it and swap components as necessary. If you don't know specifics on the parts but want to make sure you meet the minimum requirements for certain programs, use our Program-Picker to find the template that best suits your needs. And of course, that's customizable, too!

You're probably asking, "Why should I pay you to assemble my computer instead of doing it myself?" There is more to building a computer that meets the eye, and many components are easily damaged. In addition, not all components are compatible. Buying a custom computer from us instead of building it yourself eliminates the possibility of eagerly unwrapping your new components, only to discover that you processor won't work with your motherboard, your RAM isn't recognized, or you don't have enough slots for all the cards you want to add on. In addition, you have a more complete warranty than just the warranties on each individual component. Unless you're an expert builder, it really simply makes sense to let us do the assembly for you.

Custom-painted towers

Painted TowerPainted TowerPainted Tower

Who wants a standard black, silver, or white tower when you could have a customized paint job from Renegade Computers? Our talented artists can add your personality to the outside of your tower, in addition to what you've already picked out for the inside.

Already bought a computer, but wish it was painted? Not a problem! You get us the tower, we'll personalize it for you. It's that easy!

Your needs. Your wants. Your digital world, your way.