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Paint a Computer You Already Own


Now's your chance to get that customized paint job you've always wanted for your tower! Unfortunately, it is going to require you to part with it for a couple of weeks, but if you're okay with that, choose the paint job you want, submit, and ship us the tower!

If you were trying to build a new computer, you're in the wrong place.

Please enter your name, the address to which you would like your computer to be shipped, and your email address. All fields are required.

Total: $100.00


Mmm, it's a tough one, but I'm going with "No paint job"…




Anime Character

Anime character(s) of your choice. Please specify in the "Special Instructions" box


Anime.jpg Anime2.jpg Anime3.jpg

Custom Paint

Whatever you want! You get to write the description in the "Special Instructions" box, and we'll get in touch with questions and to let you know how much it's going to cost



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